of Montevue Assisted Living and Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Center.

Blaine Young
C. Paul Smith
Billy Shreve
David Gray
Kirby Delauter

Frederick News Post

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On July 10 Judge Adams of the District Court denied the County's request to certify her ruling on the covenants. Check out our Facebook page for more information and donate today to Help Us Save Montevue. Just click the yellow bar below!

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Find out about Citizen’s Care & Rehabilitation Center and the newly-built Montevue Assisted Living Center. arrow
If you, a relative, or friend become in need of nursing care, will there be a place for you in Frederick County?


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Read this Letter from Save Citizens/Montevue Committee...

On June 25, 2013, the well-attended public hearing on the BoCC’s proposed sale of Citizens and closure of Montevue prompted strong and vocal public opposition. Despite this, Commissioners Young, Delauter, Shreve and Smith voted to proceed with their plan. Commissioner Gray voted against the sale. The public mobilized, and the fate of Citizens/Montevue remains a crucial issue in this election year...

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The Fight Continues!

The Frederick County Board of County Commissioners refused to listen to citizens at the June 25 public hearing and voted to disband the Board of Trustees and sell Citizens and Montevue. In response, we've initiated a legal battle to stop the sale. Here's what we're doing:

— Filed appeal on the sub-division of the Montevue property. Click here to read the appeal .
— Won a delay from the Maryland Board of Public Works on any decision to allow or not allow the sale to go forward! Click here for a review of the issues from the League of Women Voters.
— Filed a complaint that addresses the proposed sale, the dissolution of the Board of Trustees, the disregard of the restrictive property covenant, and the questionable agreements by the BOCC. Read the full complaint: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.


Follow the Money

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Senior Demographics in Frederick County.

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Want more information?

Click on these links to access online documentation in PDF form:
Letter to County Commissioner from Diane Grove
Stop Privatization Now, a Facebook forum with more info

For more historical information, pick up the booklet Heroic Work: The Story of Montevue Yesterday and Today at the Community Foundation of Frederick County or at Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Center.