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Monocle has worked with big brand retailers, homebuilders, manufacturers, energy suppliers, healthcare companies and more.

People talk.

When it’s about Monocle, it’s usually pretty good.

Word of mouth accounts for 95% of my business.  My clients know me as a creative chameleon: a freelancer; a team member; a partner they can rely on for a decade, not just a week.  You should expect nothing less.

Absolutely beautiful work—flawless design

quote-md I’ve used Deb for a number of projects

and have always been thrilled with the results. Incredibly creative concepts that really capture the essence of a brand. Absolutely beautiful work—flawless design. Very easy to work with. I’ve given her projects with very short timelines and she’s delivered every single time.”

— Holly Stapleton, Director of Marketing at The Waterworks

The collateral is a complete hit!

quote-md The collateral is a complete hit!

The apartment managers love having such professional sales tools. The high-quality design and production seem to be elevating the perception of our properties.”

— Lori Steiner, President, Borror Properties

When I need great creative, I turn to Monocle . . .

quote-md When I need great creative,

I turn to Monocle. I’ve worked with Deb for years… bringing her with me to three different companies. She’s not only helped me establish several unique identities, she’s gone on to elevate corporate brochures, datasheets, websites, tradeshows, direct mailings, ad campaigns, logos, product extensions…even our annual report. Whatever the project, Monocle consistently delivers great looking work, outstanding results, personal attention, and the speed I need in a fast-running business.

— Lisa Austin, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at EWI

She's a living, breathing idea machine . . .

quote-md Deb is a unique talent.

She made a great impression on me when I first hired her for a project 16 years ago. Since then, we’ve done more than 60 jobs together. She’s a living, breathing idea machine, and brings her “A” game every time. She thinks strategically about how the creative will function in the real world and the results it needs to drive *before* committing to any particular path or idea. Then she executes it flawlessly. You can’t ask for more than that.”

— Mary Wilmoth, Marketing Copywriter & Strategist

Even the most jaded, cynical folks love it!

quote-md All the resellers LOVE this mailer!

In all my years at Autodesk, I have never heard the kind of positive feedback I’m hearing over this one. (Even the most jaded, cynical folks love it!) I’m sure the high registration numbers are due to this eye-catching piece.”

— Shawn J. Ludlow, Regional Marketing Coordinator. Autodesk

The designs were stellar... results were excellent . . .

quote-md I was so pleased when one of

my employees at HFI recommended we use Deb for concepting, design, and creation of a direct mail campaign. The designs were stellar and the results were excellent.

When I needed similar assistance again, my initial experience with Deb made working with her a no-brainer. As most seasoned creatives can be, Deb is a quick study and she just “gets it.” She works as efficiently and effectively as she is creative and when the results come in, my experience with her has been that we meet or exceed expectations. What else can you ask for? I look forward to working with Deb again and highly recommend you do too.”

— Mark Cohen, Digital Strategist, Marketing Technologist, HFI

She is a true member of your marketing team . . .

quote-md I have hired Deb multiple times

over the past 10 years to assist with branding projects, direct marketing programs, sales tool development, web design, and customer experience programs. Deb is a top-notch designer, but so much more. She is a true member of your marketing team. I always found her insight and ideas to be well thought out and cutting edge. She is careful to understand the business and what the challenges are – a unique trait for a graphic designer. I will continue to partner with Deb whenever the opportunity presents itself!”

— Lisa Imondi, Director of Marketing, Accent Energy

A great designer and a fantastic brander . . .

quote-md When it came to launching our

new custom home division, hiring Monocle was a no-brainer. I’ve worked with Deb for years and she just gets it. A great designer and a fantastic brander. The fact that she also knows how to design websites, write copy, generate terrific ad concepts, and run complex projects from beginning to end… it’s all just icing on the cake. I’d highly recommend Monocle.”

— Lori Steiner, President, Borror Properties

Monocle was a perfect fit . . .

quote-md When we launched our first store,

Monocle was a perfect fit and helped us build the brand from scratch… logo, packaging, environmental graphics, point-of-sale formats, copy voice and so much more. Deb then went way beyond our expectations by setting us up every month with fresh marketing… the promotions were effective… the voice was authentic… the graphics and signage were fun and eye-catching… and the sheer production of monthly point-of-sale was a feat of cost-effective problem-solving.”

— Nina Gerety, GMM, The Old Farmer’s Almanac General Store

Monocle is one of my secret weapons . . .

quote-md Monocle is one of my secret weapons

for driving higher marketing ROI. Deb helped us build a well-oiled direct marketing machine that filled our sales pipeline quarter after quarter and resulted in more leads… more revenue. Monocle brought extraordinary creative and solid strategic thinking to the table… and turned programs in a fraction of the time, and for about half the cost, of most agencies. Several programs were so successful that they were reprinted in other languages and used by our partners and international marketing teams.”

— Angie Reiker-Weiser, Director of Global Market Development, Onyx Software

Clients include Disney Stores, Victoria's Secret, Levis, Food Chain ID, EyeScience, PlayStation, Bank One, Acceleris Health, and more.

Located in the Washington DC area,
Monocle works with clients throughout the US.

A few industries include real estate (construction, development, management, sales); heavy manufacturing; innovative engineering and science; B2B and B2C healthcare; new energy; specialty retail; information technology; financial planning and banking; food service and agriculture. I also work with web design and advertising studios on special projects for their many clients.

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